Supporting young talent

Young Talent and Academy programmes

DeltaChamber Music Festival initiatives to promote the country’s young talent!

Since its beginnings, DeltaChamber Music Festival has supported young national talent through the Young Talent Programme, an exceptional and innovative initiative that seeks to promote the training of musicians who stand out for their excellence, as well as helping to boost them professionally.

The Young Talent Programme is a magnificent opportunity for young musicians from Spain to immerse themselves in the knowledge and experience provided by great musicians and teachers at a European level (the soloists at the festival) and, at the same time, to take part in the programme of the emblematic central concerts held in Amposta and broadcast by the Catalunya Música radio station, as well as to participate in other concerts held in different places in Terres de l’Ebre.

As an innovation for this edition, DeltaChamber Music Festival has created a new educational project, the Academy Programme, strengthening its commitment to training and enabling more young people to access the festival. With this programme, the young musicians can study and spend time with some of the soloists from the festival, preparing a distinctive chamber music programme to be performed in some of the towns of Terres de l’Ebre.

These two programmes make DeltaChamber Music Festival a revolutionary platform for learning through the ‘learning by doing’ method, in which young musicians learn by practising the profession alongside great maestros, without hierarchies. Furthermore, the young musicians’ costs of participating are covered by the festival.

DeltaChamber Music Festival 2022 - ‘Fantasia’

From 25 July to 7 August in Terres de l’Ebre