The festival

Body and Soul into Exile

Belonging to a community and being part of it by identifying yourself with your own and distinctive roots is a feeling that makes us genuine, unique and authentic individuals. From physical persecution or lack of freedom of speech to fear for your life or pure survival. There are many reasons which can force us to go away crossing borders and oceans and traveling thousands of kilometers. How do we feel? How is art presented in the exile? What role does culture play? What codes and messages are hidden behind any art work created in the exile? Where does it all end?

Reflection, meditation, inspiration, strength, liberation, suffering, hope… This year’s edition of the DeltaChamber Music Festival, Body and Soul into Exile, is a blend of all this. We are looking forward to seeing you with the versatility and emotiveness provided by arts and music, once again with the best European musicians and creators.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that the festival this year is going to be broadcasted by several European radio stations via the European Broadcasting Union, which will place the Ebro Delta in the international music scene.

The festival

The first edition of the DeltaChamber Music Festival, in 2016, far exceeded its managers’ expectations. It had a great social and media impact on the Amposta and the Terres de l’Ebre region citizens.

The start of the DeltaChamber Music Festival had many effects on the local region and even on the international scene. For example, tickets for both concerts were sold out; many people could not get their ticket; there were more than 30 volunteers participating; news about the festival were published on the Catalan and Spanish TV, radio and newspapers; news also spread on the German radio and newspapers; some German and Chinese foreign students showed interest in this festival, and national tourists visited the region to enjoy it.

We made a utopia come true with almost no financial aid. Our musicians are among the best European artists, members of the best international orchestras or professors at some of the most prestigious universities. Our audience is curious, open and loyal, and they enjoy our ideas. Our Young Talents are the best talent pool in the country. They are people who started their artistic career at a very young age and are willing to expand their knowledge and broaden their education in our festival.

This year we saw the beginning of DCMFarts, a commitment to the human being as a whole, where the goal is to inspire people through all types of art (martial, culinary, pedagogical, philosophical and visual arts) connected to music in a certain way. It adds to the festival with the aim to broaden its range of activities even further.

This festival has no economic goal and artists offer their work in a totally selfless way in return for sharing experiences, improve their personal development and motivate and move people. It is a humanist festival that aims at reaching people through music and that needs support at all levels: logistic, human and economic support or facilities, for example.