27 July 2019 at 3 p.m. – Venue: Terres de l’Ebre Museum (Amposta, Tarragona)

8 p.m. – The winner group will be announced


The DCMF International Prize is addressed to young musicians who are completing their Intermediate Music Studies, Bachelor of Music or Master’s Degree.

The organization of the DeltaChamber Music Festival supports the promotion and teaching of chamber music. Therefore, all competing groups will be offered short workshops conducted by the soloists of the Festival’s current edition.


1)   The following documents must be sent to this email address info@deltachambermusicfestival.com

–     The group’s CV

–     A high-quality photo of the group

–     Copy of a valid ID card, foreigner identity card or passport of each member of the group

–     Copy of the bank transfer

2)   Payment for entry must be effective the same day, which include the right to participate in a short workshop conducted by the festival’s soloists. Groups must specify their name and transfer €60* into the following account number:

ES61 0081 0132 1200 0135 6838

*This amount is not refundable.

Registration is open until: 15th July 2019 at 12 a.m.

In case of a high number of contestants, the organization reserves the right to accept a limited number of groups according to order of registration.

Any questions about the registration must be addressed to: info@deltachambermusicfestival.com


–     Groups must have no fewer than 3 members.

–     Groups enter the contest under their own name and performers cannot compete in more than one group.

–     Changes to groups are not allowed after entry is registered.


–     The average age of all the members of a group must not be more than 28.

–     Minor contestants must provide permission from their parents.

–     Once the registration deadline is met, the organization will confirm individually to each group the official acceptance of participation (or the corresponding reasons in case of denial).

–     The number of participating groups is limited.


–     The jury is composed of the soloists of the DCMF 2019, and representatives of the Amposta City Hall with a say but no right to vote.

–     Decisions made by the jury are irrevocable.

–     The jury reserves the right to shorten or prolong auditions in exceptional circumstances.


–     Contestants’ programs must include a concert which must not last more than 50 minutes, including music from 3 different periods.

–     Each group can choose the elective pieces and/or movements from the program they provided which they want to perform during the contest. Total performance time must not be more than 15 minutes-

–     If the group exceeds the performance time limit, the jury can interrupt the performance.

–     Groups must specify the duration of their repertoire; its movements and the date they were composed in the program they provide.

–     Once the repertoire is accepted by the organization, it cannot be changed.

–     The performance order of the groups during the concert and at the workshop will be announced in advanced by the organization.

–     A grand piano (tuned to 442 Hz) is provided to contestants by the Organization-


–     Reception of contestants will be held on 27 July 2019, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. They will be given the Festival’s T-shirt, the final schedule and related information. Contestants must give the jury 5 copies of the pieces they will perform.

–     Workshops will take place in the venue Terres de l’Ebre Museum (Amposta)on 28thof July 2019 starting at 10am. (Only for the groups that wants it).

–     Sound checks will be managed by the organization and will last no more than 15 minutes per group. They will be done in the Terres de l’Ebre Museum on 27 July 2019 in the morning.


–     A €2,500 reward will be given for a concert within the DeltaChamber Music Festival 2020.

–     A certificate.

–     The jury reserves the right to award no prize or distribute it among several groups.

–     Decisions made by the jury cannot be appealed.

This contest is public and entrance is free (with limited capacity).