International chamber music festival
in Terres de l’Ebre

From music to people

DeltaChamber Music Festival has become established as the international chamber music festival in Terres de l’Ebre, based in Amposta and offering a programme of chamber concerts of the highest quality that has consolidated the region’s artistic and cultural offer. A meeting point for musicians from all over the world with a loyal audience, where artists offer their work in a setting created to share, grow, motivate and thrill.

Each edition is a new experience, unique and unrepeatable. DeltaChamber Music Festival brings together the best national and international musicians to enjoy a unique artistic and musical residency in Terres de l’Ebre. A real creative process, that results in a chamber repertoire that will then be performed in the concerts and which is not heard or repeated anywhere else in the world.

DeltaChamber Music Festival is…

A new and more intimate way of experiencing and enjoying classical music, with venues throughout Terres de l’Ebre as backdrop.

An event that seeks exploration and creativity from its own universe, always with music as its cornerstone.

A proposal that seeks to help construct a more aware, engaged and active society.

A humanist festival that reaches out to people through chamber music.

A universe of emotions

DeltaChamber Music Festival is back stronger than ever for its 7th edition, bringing back some of the features that had previously been restricted owing to the pandemic.

A concert programme in Amposta and other municipalities of Terres de l’Ebre featuring some of the world’s best solo musicians.

Workshops with free entry in various disciplines and for all audiences.

Space for dialogue between artists and the public at different moments during the festival.

The Ephemeral Architecture Competition in collaboration with the Architects’ Association of Catalonia–Ebre Division, to design the space in Amposta where the central concerts will be held.

Educational sphere with the Young Talent and Academy programmes.

The Young Talent Programme to promote excellence in the training of the country’s young talent.

The Academy Programme as a pedagogical project so that more young musicians from the country can access the festival.

Rehearsals open to the public with free entry all through the week. Anyone who is interested can attend the preparation of the pieces that will be performed at the concerts.

Showcasing talent from Terres de l’Ebre in other disciplines, such as the visual arts in the creation of the graphic image of the edition or arrangements of works with composers from the area.

The founders

Laura Ruiz Ferreres

Professor of clarinet at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main and clarinet soloist at Oxford Philharmonic

Born in Amposta, Laura is one of the most brilliant clarinettists of her generation and one of the few to dominate both clarinet systems: the French and the German. A prizewinner in various international competitions, she has a highly active career as a musician and as a teacher in some of Europe’s most prestigious centres.

Pau Rodríguez Ruiz

Director and clarinet teacher at Escola i Centre Professional de Música La Lira Ampostina

Born in Amposta, he started in the world of music aged just six. Since then, he has not stopped training as a clarinettist both at home and abroad, and has complemented this training with studies in the field of pedagogy that have opened doors for him in leading orchestras all over the world.

‘The music is gentle, like the speech of a very well educated person with fascinating things to say who sees no reason to stay silent. Canons sound, like the waves of the sea. And at the end of each movement, they already know but I am learning, to breathe the silence that sweeps away the last note, as a sign of respect, I suppose, even veneration. Because those performers, it seems to me, not only play music for us but also speak to us of values, of the respect with which they treat their instruments and the love that comes from their mouths, and they breathe notes with the humility of people who feel that they are the instrument of a score and are at the mercy of the sensibility, the delicacy of the music that sounds, like a little magic spell.’

Maria Climent


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‘If all goes to plan, the event will bring much joy to the districts of the south of Catalonia, which can now enjoy chamber music as well as many other facilities.’

Albert Torrens

Revista Musical Catalana

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‘Magnificent performers for a concert in which the melodies of Mozart’s dramma giocoso sounded beautifully at the hands of these outstanding soloists.’

Lluís Trullén

Revista Musical Catalana

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DeltaChamber Music Festival 2022 - ‘Fantasia’

From 25 July to 7 August in Terres de l’Ebre