DeltaChamber Music Festival 2022

‘Fantasia’ edition

‘Fantasia’, the 7th edition of DeltaChamber Music Festival, is here with more days, many innovations and a magical programme of chamber music to make you dream from 25 July until 7 August in Terres de l’Ebre.

With this year’s DeltaChamber Music Festival, your imagination will take flight through fantasia, a form of composition from the worlds of classical and chamber music that has a distinctive character of improvisation and fantasy. It does not follow the pre-existing rules and so gives composers free rein with musical expressiveness, relaxing the restrictions found in other more rigid traditional forms.

The repertoire selected for this edition features a wide range of compositions that revolve around the interesting concept of the fantasia. For example, Louis Spohr presents us his fantasia and variations with a great virtuosity. The fantasia Fairy Tales, by the German composer Robert Schumann, takes us to an unreal and poetical world with beautiful themes and melodies, delightful dialogues, multiple colours and a reference to the illness and hallucinations that afflicted the composer in the final years of his life. And what can we say about the texture of the Mozart–Pärt trio? In it, we enjoy a composed and decomposed piece that evokes sounds from nothingness, suggesting something intangible and volatile, and leading us into a world of fantasy and illusion where we are unsure whether we are listening to a piece by Mozart or if it is merely a fantasy.

With its expansion to 15 days, DeltaChamber Music Festival will bring colour to Terres de l’Ebre through an extensive programme of the highest quality chamber concerts, featuring 11 internationally renowned musicians, 2 Young Talent and 3 members of the Academy Programme (new for 2022), who will come together to enjoy a unique artistic and musical residency in Terres de l’Ebre. A real creative process, that results in a chamber repertoire that will then be performed in the concerts and which is not heard or repeated anywhere else in the world.

The starting shot will be given by the 2 ‘Danses fantàstiques’ chamber concerts, on 29 and 30 July in Flix and Deltebre respectively as part of DeltaChamber in the Territory project.

After the success of previous editions, the ‘one musician–one listener’ format will return in August with more than twenty individual concerts in Amposta and Ulldecona. On 4 August, in Ulldecona, you can enjoy the ‘Selecció fantasia’ programme, as part of the DeltaChamber in the Territory project.

On the first weekend in August, there is a date in Amposta with DeltaChamber Music Festival’s emblematic central concerts, with two different programmes to provide a true ode to joy featuring the most notable compositions of the post-wagnerian age, accompanied by an immersive classical dance experience by a ballerina with an international career. Finally, the festival ends back in Tortosa, with the ‘Selecció fantasia’ chamber concert, again as part of DeltaChamber in the Territory.

As every year, DeltaChamber Music Festival entrusts the graphic design for the edition to a young local designer, selected by the Escola d’Arts i Disseny (ESARDI) of Amposta, to promote local talent and create synergies with other forms of artistic expression. This year, the image of ‘Fantasia’ is the work of the graphic designer Anna Pellicer.

DeltaChamber Music Festival 2022 - ‘Fantasia’

From 25 July to 7 August in Terres de l’Ebre