Exploration and creativity

DeltaChamber Universe

The DeltaChamber Universe seeks to embrace the activities that human beings do for aesthetic or communicative purposes and through which they express ideas, emotions or a world-view by using various resources, such as visual, linguistic, sound or mixed ones.

With chamber music as the cornerstone, we feed back to one another and establish synergies with architecture, philosophy, sculpture, painting, poetry, theatre, dance, film, photography, design, visual arts and gastronomy, among other areas.

The DeltaChamber Universe is multidisciplinary and transgenerational and it offers an open opportunity to everyone to discover and participate in processes of exploration and rediscovery of the roots of perception, expression and creativity.

By using the many forms of artistic expression, this universe offers the chance to develop an innovative musical focus through the perception of the self in its fullness, making DeltaChamber Music Festival something multisensory and creative.

DeltaChamber Music Festival 2022 - ‘Fantasia’

From 25 July to 7 August in Terres de l’Ebre