Classical dance performance at the central concerts

The 7th edition of DeltaChamber Music Festival goes a step further, embracing other forms of artistic expression to complete this fantastic experience. On this particular occasion, a multidisciplinary approach to the festival’s iconic central concerts is taken, combining a careful selection of fantasia with a skilled performance by a classical dancer. Cristina Porres Mormeneo from Amposta will give form to this immersive experience.

Cristina graduated from the Conservatori de Dansa of the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, in 2007. For 15 years, she has worked with the choreographer and director Attila Egerházi in different dance companies and is one of his principal assistants, showing his repertoire all over the world. In 2007, she started her professional career at the Hungarian Ballet Theater company, in Hungary. In 2009, she continued her work with the South Bohemian Ballet Theater company, in Czechia, where she was solo dancer for seven years.

She is currently a principal ballet mistress, assistant of choreography and solo dancer at the Royal Ballet Fehérvar, in Hungary. In addition, she combines her professional career with being an active teacher at various professional dance schools and conservatoires.

DeltaChamber Music Festival 2022 - ‘Fantasia’

From 25 July to 7 August in Terres de l’Ebre